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Applications for NEXUS-NY will be available October 15, 2015

What you Need

  • To fully understand customer requirements
  • Money to get started
  • Business know-how
  • A community
  • A big debut
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What We Offer

  • "Lean Start-Up" customer discovery process
  • $70K in average financial assistance (Approx. 2/3rd in cash)
  • Support from mentors & teaching team
  • Peer working group, customer introductions, etc.
  • Demo Days
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For Early-Stage Clean Energy Technologies

NEXUS-NY is a clean energy proof-of-concept center (POCC) administered by High Tech Rochester. This initiative was developed and funded by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) and is built on the understanding that: scalable startup companies are engines of technology commercialization and economic growth; universities in New York are conducting a significant amount of energy-related R&D; the transition of R&D to scalable business startups happens infrequently; changes in university-ecosystem engagement can increase the rate of startup formation and the likelihood of startup success; and, there is a key gap at the “proof-of-concept” stage of product development.

The goal of the program is to provide early-stage support to enable the development and validation of promising clean energy technologies that are, or will become, the platform for start-up companies located in New York State.

The program is run in 12-month cycles with a cohort of 12 teams. The program operates in two phases with a few primary objectives:

Phase 1 follows an intense, 12 week process utilizing the “lean startup” methodology. During this phase, NEXUS-NY “discovery teams” will develop and test numerous business hypotheses through interactions with industry participants. The desired outcome is for NEXUS teams to validate whether a viable and scalable business model exists and to decide whether and how best to pursue their commercialization objectives.

Phase 2 allows teams to de-risk their technology by building prototypes while continuing to engage customers and to develop their go-to-market plans. Some teams will form companies during this period and those companies will seek third party validation of their technologies and business models.

NEXUS-NY provides financial, educational and business support during the course of this program.

  • "NEXUS-NY offered us the opportunity to add some rigor to a process we already had in mind"

    Dan O’Connell

  • "We greatly benefited from other teams in the NEXUS-NY program"

    Nenand Nenadic

  • "Understanding whether customers really care about the invention is the big key"

    Tom Bourne

  • "NEXUS helped us identify pathways to commercialize the energy storage technologies developed in our lab"

    Tobias Hanrath

  • "We are excited by the possibility of obtaining verifiable data from the prototypes we created through the NEXUS program"

    Jason Vollen

  • "It’s a fire hose approach to vetting a technology"

    Pat Govang

  • "The most exciting thing is that we’ve been able to prove out the technology"

    Pat Govang

  • "The exciting part for me is the process of talking with potential customers and hearing ‘wow, that solves my problem"

    Mike Oshetski

  • "We were excited by the puzzle of how to make this into a product people actually want"

    Joe Caron

  • "It’s really cool to be invested in this community"

    Joe Caron

  • "Learning and implementing the lean startup process was extremely valuable, even more so than the financial support"

    Mike Jagielski

The on-line application opens Fall 2015

Applications for NEXUS-NY will be accepted using this on-line form only.


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