April 2015


Since kicking off in January, our 2015 Cohort—which consists of 9 Business Discovery Teams—has worked hard to bridge the gap from technology to commercialization. On April 9th, 2015 each team presented their findings.

These presentations were unlike typical investor pitches; rather, teams gave progress updates, highlighting what each team had discovered and accomplished within Phase One of the NEXUS-NY program.

At stake was a spot in Phase Two, which allows teams to de-risk their technology by building prototypes while continuing to engage customers and to develop their go-to-market plans. Some teams will form companies during this period and those companies will seek third party validation of their technologies and business models.

After the presentations, attendees, mentors and team presenters enjoyed lunch and an hour of networking.  

Here’s a few shots of the event, hosted at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa: