November 2015

Photo Gallery: NYC Cleantech Summit

History in the making! Leading cleantech startups from the NEXUS-NY and PowerBridgeNY programs were celebrated at the NYC CleanTech Summit this fall. The event was held at the New York Law School and featured champions from the Northeast’s cleantech business community, including President of NECEC Peter Rothstein and John B. Rhodes, President and CEO of the New York Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA). Keynote for the 2015 NYC Cleantech Summit was Drew FitzGerald, cofounder of JUST and founder of Facet Creative. FitzGerald spoke about celebrity giving and philanthropic cleantech investments. The Cleantech Summit is part of the NECEC’s NorthEast Cleantech & Energy Innovation Tour, a two-week series of events in NYC and Boston designed to bring together the Northeast’s leading cleantech business community. Participating NEXUS-NY startups included AMBIS, ChromaNanoTech, eColectro, Molecular Glasses, PEMtek and Xallent.

Photo Gallery: Upstate New York Clean Energy Event

The Upstate New York Clean Energy Event celebrated the most promising clean energy companies in New York. The graduating class of NEXUS-NY cohort 2 shared updates on the progresses made after undergoing the NEXUS-NY Clean Energy Seed Accelerator, while world renowned keynote speaker, Dr. Brian Greene, spoke about innovation, exploration and discovery. The event also included a special book signing with Professor Greene, tours of the beautiful George Eastman Museum and a cocktail reception for all whom attended. Here is a photo gallery of the Upstate New York Clean Energy Event and NEXUS-NY Demo Day.

PEMtek is the Future of Fuel Cells

NEXUS-NY, a clean energy accelerator, provides educational, financial and business support for university researchers and early-stage companies across New York state. Administered by High Tech Rochester, NEXUS-NY is one of three NYSERDA-funded proof-of-concept centered chartered with accelerating the translation of clean-energy technologies from New York’s research labs into the marketplace. Throughout the NEXUS-NY program, PEMtek was able to solve a market problem for mid-size UAV power systems by designing and building a fully integrated fuel cell system that is three times more quiet than an internal combustion engine (ICE). Learn more about PEMtek’s unique fuel cell power plan for mid-size unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s).

PEMtek | NEXUS-NY Cohort 2

Company: PEMtek

Twitter: @FC_Rochester

Description: PEMtek Is developing a compact, mobile high-temperature PEM fuel cell with integrated reformer and which can be optimized to operate using a variety of liquid fuels. PEMtek is initially targeting the midsize UAV market with its highly integrated fuel cell. This market is desperately seeking power systems with longer range, lower noise, and which can operate using various logistics grade fuels (propane, diesel, and JP8).

Location: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Achievement: Alpha Bench Prototype is now assembled and undergoing testing.

Founding Team: Mark Walluk, Brad Sparks, Mike Waller and Mike McCourt

NEXUS-NY Research: As part of the NEXUS-NY program, PEMtek went from a laboratory concept to testing an alpha prototype. The team focused on customer development, interviewing over 50 potential customers and partners.

Next Steps: PEMtek will transfer the technology from a mobile lab prototype to a compact product ready for installation on UAVs. In 2016, the team plans to integrate a compact system based on current CAD design and functioning prototype. By 2017, PEMtek will deploy their first flight onboard UAV with a collaborating UAV manufacturer.